Spend less time ordering print, and more time spreading the gospel


Made Specifically for Churches

Exclusive Pricing & Discounts

When churches can save money on supplies, they can bless more people. By selling exclusively to churches we can focus on the products that matter to them .

No More Lost Designs & Invoices

With a volunteer workforce we understand lost designs aren't uncommon, so we make it easy to access previous designs and download invoices.

Your Custom Products Ready

Not only do we save design files, we save your specs and make the product available for re-order without having to reach out to us.

Order Approval Workflows

For churches with multiple people ordering for different ministries we offer order approvals. Before an order is sent to production, a manager must approve the purchase.

Ready Made Templates (Incoming)

We're in the process of designing a template library you'll be able to utilize. Since we're constantly talking with churches, we know what print and promo is making a difference in their ministries.